Matiullah Mujaddedi

DSC_0052Mr. Matiullah Mujaddedi is the Director of Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting at Deputy Policy – Ministry of Finance. He previously served as a specialist in various fields with General Directorate Office of the Administrative Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (Currently known as Administrative Office of the President –AoP) from 2001 until 2015.

Mr. Mujaddedi was initially appointed as Economic Expert in the department of National Economy and Rehabilitation. He focused on the context and outcomes of the councils of ministers’ meeting and future planning. Afterwards, Mr. Mujaddedi was recruited via merit based competition as a specialist in the Directorate of Strategic Programs of Administrative office of the President (AoP). He undertook responsibilities such as reviewing and analyzing various micro and macro- economic policies. He also assisted inter-ministerial decisions for devising polices ensuring that polices are consistent with the priorities of the government and approved budget.

Mr. Mujaddedi holds Master Degree in International Relations from Department of Law and Political Science from International Relations Department at Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education and obtained his specialization in International Political Economy Trends. His bachelor was in General Economics from the department of Economics at Kabul University.