Khalil Humam

Khalil HumamKhalil Humam is Director of National Policies Integration working under the Deputy Ministry Policy at the Ministry of Finance.  He has previously worked as Head of Innovation Department at the Administrative Office of the President-AoP, and as Senior Change Management Coordinator at the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock-MAIL. While at AoP, he also supported the Afghanistan Airfield Economic Development Commission-AAEDC, which works for the creation of Special Economic Zones in Afghanistan, as the Executive Secretary.

Mr. Humam is a pioneer of many policies, programs, projects and ideas that specifically target the state of “government effectiveness” and the “quality of governance” of the government of Afghanistan, such as the ideation and conception of the Afghanistan National Innovation Initiative called Afghannovation at AoP, first time recommendation and implementation of business process re-engineering and e-governance initiatives at MAIL, and development and assistance in development of many meso and macro policies such as the Afghanistan Extension Module, etc. Continuing his endeavor of improving the governance system of Afghanistan, he is currently leading the efforts and a team of professionals to lay out the foundation of integrated policy management in the government of Afghanistan.

Mr. Humam holds Master Degree in International Development from the Graduate School of International Development at Nagoya University Japan and has obtained specialization in governance and law. Meanwhile, during his master degree program, he has also successfully completed four important specialist minors that are “Economic Development Policy and Management”, “Rural and Regional Development Management”, “Social Development and Culture” and “Peacebuilding”. He previously completed his bachelor of Business Administration degree from the School of Management Sciences at International Islamic University Islamabad. After completing the four-year full-time degree, he also earned an MBA equivalent certificate from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Last by not least, Mr. Humam is also a certified PHRI (Professional in Human Resources-International) from the HR Certification Institute, USA.