New National Priority Programs

National Priority Programs (NPPs) are outcome focused thematic programs that over time will guide ministries towards collective problem solving. Most NPP’s involve more than one ministry. Inter-ministerial working groups have been formed to synchronize timetables, budgets, and shared resources as appropriate.

All NPPs share a number of common principles. Investment proposals under an NPP umbrella should be national in scope, with careful attention to ensuring geographical and ethnic balance. All NPPs should be able to articulate their approach to reducing poverty and supporting government policies on gender. All NPPs should be technically sound and follow the government’s new rules on incorporating accurate forward cost estimates for their operations and maintenance. And all NPPs will have to negotiate their funding within their Development Council prior to a final review by the government’s High Economic Council, after which they can be entered into the development budget.


The New NPPs are:

1.   Private Sector Development

2.   National Infrastructure and Connectivity

3.   Effective Governance Program

4.   Justice and Legal Sector Reform Program

5.   Citizens’ Charter Program

6.   Comprehensive Agricultural Development Program

7.   Urban Development Program

8.   National Mineral and Resource Development Program

9.   Human capital development Program

10. Women’s Economic Empowerment Program