Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework

The Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) presents the government’s five year strategic framework for achieving its overarching goal of self-reliance. While Afghanistan faces many challenges, we must plan for a future where our country moves beyond our history of war and poverty and begins the long and difficult journey to prosperity. Even though sustainable development and prosperity will take longer than a single generation to achieve, we must lay the foundations of our future now.

Guided by the desire to realize self-reliance, this framework is the next step in the process of creating a long term development narrative for Afghanistan. It provides coherent high-level guidance to the government and other stakeholders. It sets out an economic, political and security outlook that provides a context for the Government’s approach to development. This context leads to a fiscal strategy that will guide the Government in how it uses its budget to support its policy goals, and ultimately to ensure the sustainable management of public investment on behalf of the people of Afghanistan. The framework argues that the key mechanism for turning national policy into tangible outcomes lies in making the process of forming and then spending a national budget – one that is credible, effective, and will drive improved government performance. But making the budget process a driver for carrying out reform also requires complementary reforms to governance, citizen engagement, and significant advances in the rule of law.