Deputy Minister

Naheed Sarabi

Naheed Sarabi is the Deputy Minister for Policy of Ministry of Finance. Previously she was Director General for Analysis and Monitoring at Policy Department of Finance Ministry. Naheed has over seven years of development related experience in both government and non-government organizations. She has worked as Policy Advisor to the Office of Deputy Minister for Policy in Ministry of Finance. The department is responsible for coordination of overall development process in the country. She worked with a team of experts who helped in development and oversight of the strategic development framework for the next few years in Afghanistan. Naheed also worked as director of Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) from 2010-2013.  During her tenure as director of ANDS, she has overseen the preparation of Implementation Plans for the ANDS in form of 22 National Priority Programs (NPPs) and assisted in establishing the monitoring framework for these national development programs.

She graduated in Political Science from Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University in 2007. Naheed has earned an M.A. in Development Management from Ruhr University- Bochum, Germany and an M.A in Applied Economics from Western Michigan University, USA