The Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance was established through the Presidential Decree No. 220 on 19/01/2010 to guide and support in preparation, coordination of implementation and monitoring of national development policies and plans.The Department is further responsible for institutionalization of planning, implementation and accountability of development plans, coordination with both national and international stakeholders, formulation and research for policies’ development,and capacity enhancement of the government for effective implementation.

JCMB 2018

The Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB) was set up in 2006 at the London Conference to bring together the Afghan government and the international donor community to oversee the implementation of the Afghanistan Compact, and subsequent development frameworks. The JCMB meetings ensure coherence and coordination of efforts. The JCMB meets annually and on special occasions as required to review progress and address challenges, and is co-chaired by the Afghan Minister of Finance and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Afghanistan.
The latest JCMB takes place on Wednesday, July 18, at the Presidential Palace in Kabul to prepare for the 2018 Geneva Conference on Afghanistan.


Policy Department, Ministry of Finance
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Pashtunistan Watt
Kabul, Afghanistan.

+93 20 210 5258


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