Abdullah Raqeebi

Abdullah Raqeebi is the General Director for Policy & Strategic Planning in the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Policy. Mr. Raqeebi has been appointed as General Director Policy and Strategic Planning following his excellent performance and achievements in the Administrative Office of President as Director Cluster Policies and Innovation.

Mr. Raqeebi studied Bachelor of Law and Political Sciences and completed his Master degree in International Relations from Peshawar University. He has outstanding academic record with few published papers under his name. He has over thirteen years of experience in both public and private sectors. He worked for MTN Afghanistan where he played a key role in expanding MTN network to the Eastern and Southern Afghanistan. He led the Cluster Policies and Innovation Directorate in the Administrative Office of the President. He initiated and guided multiple innovations and conceptualized economic clusters development in parts of the country. Mr. Raqeebi also contributed to the economic zones development and transformation of military bases to regional economic hubs in the country. Mr. Raqeebi has vast experience in Policy Formulation, Policy Analysis, Economic and Financial Policies, Strategy, Strategic Planning, Talent Management, Organizational Reform, Capacity Building and Institutional Development. He received numerous advance trainings in management and leadership from world-renowned training institutions. Mr. Raqeebi is a passionate and dedicated individual with unprecedented love for the country and his job. He is enthusiastic about his role as Director General Policy and Strategic Planning in the Ministry of Finance and committed to make significant contribution in the areas of policy development, analysis and strategic planning.